My Family

My Family
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I'm daddy's little girl. Although it is quite interesting why people always think I'm a little boy...perhaps it is because I have so little hair. (But should see my grandpa!)

Oh dear, looks like I'm the only one with no hair here! Grandpa has his Cow Hat on this time. Guess where we were when this photo was taken? 

This photo was taken in early September of year 2000 while my entire family was on a trip to the Interior of British Columbia. This particular photo was taken at Rossland.  

Think I'm cute? Wait till you see my mommy! Talk about inheritance. I have mommy's smile, daddy's eyes, and grandpa's head. 

Guess what I have in my hands?
 It is a Turkish Turban Pumpkin. 

(Too bad I don't have a presentable picture of my daddy at this time. He always looks as if he is about to fall asleep! Maybe I should just use his baby picture...then you'd know how much resemblance there is between me and my daddy.) 

I also have a pet "cat" at home who I love to cuddle and snuggle with. She is a really nice "cat". Sometimes, she would even let me pull her whiskers and tail. Would you like to meet her too? Look below and you will find her. Hope you like her as much as I do.

Amaryllis: "BwiBwi would you like to go swimming with me?"
BwiBwi: "Hmmm...saltwater?!? I'm outta here!"

Her name is BwiBwi. She is a tiger who loves to play. She is really nice. When you meet her in person, I'm sure you'll like her too.

Here's another picture of me and BwiBwi. She was my dedicated guardian from the day I arrived home from the hospital. She stood by my bedside every night watching over me with great love and care.

You've met my mommy, my grandpa, and me (of course), would you like to meet my great-grandma too? Here she comes....

Great-grandma let me get a horsy ride on her shoulder in front of our house. The background was taken out because the picture was used in a personalized calendar my auntie made about me. If you and I get to know each other better, I'll give you one too! 

I like my auntie especially in the night. Do you know why? 
I'm a curious little girl that do not like to miss out on any fun! So, as soon as I have my bath in the night, I make a dash for the door...out of the bedroom. I refuse to sleep. If I sleep, I'll miss out on all the fun! So, I hang on to my auntie, because she is an owl just like me.

Here's a picture of me and my auntie in the morning out to explore the world around our house. See the cute little hat I have on? Guess who chose it for me? My grandma is great at selecting all these cute and comfy clothes and accessories for me. Grandma is also the only person who is able to make me happy and feel save whenever I feel bad. In the night, when I couldn't sleep well, grandma will lie down beside me and look after me until I fall asleep. 

I'm very proud to have a grandma like the one I've got now. 

Although I'm only 22 months old, I've been to exploring the world around me to fulfill my curiosity. While I'm off to do some more exploration...please do check back regularly while more and more of my cutie photos get posted.

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March 25, 2004