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bulletLife IS short...gotta explore and enjoy it as soon as possible.

Picture taken in October 2000

At about 9 months old, I've been to the Vancouver International Airport (domestic terminal) to pick up my daddy... Hey, look! We do have a photo of my Daddy (not falling asleep) after all. See, I told you so, isn't my Daddy handsome?

Picture taken in September 2000

Can you guess where am I? I'm about 9 ~ 10 months old then. I love to touch leaves and flowers and still do to this very day. In this photo, I'm visiting one of Vancouver's five-star rated hotels - the Pan Pacific Hotel. We were there to indulge ourselves in their wonderful seafood buffet. Too bad I didn't have very many teeth then...all I could munch on was their pudding.

Picture taken in December 2000

Even though I'm still small, I'm quite curious about all types of food...just like my Daddy. Everyone in our family is a food-lover. So, here I am food shopping with my Daddy. Want to try guessing what our monthly grocery bill amounts to? 

While we are on the topic of's another picture of me with my Daddy, Mommy and my best Grandma at a restaurant in Richmond. We were there to enjoy a big feast on Alaska King Crab...I didn't have any, but I had a lot of fun making a nice big mess on the tablecloth. 

Picture taken in October 2000

As I grew bigger and older, Grandma and Grandpa decided to take me down to Seattle to visit my other Uncle and Aunt. Three hours drive was a bit too long for Daddy had to stop every now and then for me to go pee pee and stretch my little legs.

Picture taken in October 2000

This photo is also taken during the trip we took to Seattle. Ever since I was 2 months old, I am fascinated with  water. This particular photo was taken at the stepped fountain near the harbour we visited. Even though I love Grandma the most, whenever we are out at an unfamiliar surrounding I've got to have my Grandpa around for security purposes. 

Picture taken in September 2000

Got to have great wine with great food, don't we? This picture is taken during the 2 day trip we took to Okanagan. On the first day, we went for a dip at Ainsworth Hot Spring where I got my first hot spring dipping. Daddy took me for a little "swim" in the limestone cave. The following day we visited a few of the well known wineries in BC in search for ice wine that's when this photo was taken. 

These are the highlights of the places that I've visited in the year 2000. Don't forget to visit my other page and meet my family. Or head for Year of the Snake and check out what I'm up to in year 2001.

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March 25, 2004