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So, this is year 2001, the year of the Snake. 

News break for this year...

bulletMy little sister is born! Her name is Anne-Aymone.

Almost everyone we encountered said that we looked alike. At the time this page was posted there's still no picture of my baby sister. So, you get to see more of ME!!! The cuter of the two...of course!

Picture taken in February 2001

Guess where am I enjoying my feast of pear?  
 This picture is taken at the Five Sails Restaurant.

Picture taken in February 2001

Hmmm...let's see...should I also show you this picture, and this one, and this one, or maybe this one? Just enjoying my very own cute pictures here, nothing more. I think I'm getting progressively cuter, if there's such a saying! 

Hey, come quick and look! I've got a picture of my sister!

Picture taken in February 2001

Hee, hee, made you look! It's my "sister", that is. This is Anemone a.k.a. Windflower. That's also the name of my sister, with different spelling. She'll be joining our family in June of 2001. She's a Snake and I'm a Rabbit...Uh-Oh...I see trouble there...

Sour Orange
Picture taken in March 2001

Eeek!!! That's this? This is not orange, it's probably a lemon. Hey, who switched? I wanted an orange! 

Daddy's Orange

Hmm...let's try Daddy's. Mmmm...much better. 

Orange Snatcher

Quick! Take over the orange before Daddy finishes it! Hee, hee, that's the benefit of having a smaller head. 

Since sunbathing is such a hot item nowadays, I thought I'd better start getting used to it while I'm young! 

Picture taken in April 2001

Oops, guess that's a big too much clothing on for sunbathing but...hey, its in the middle of the winter. I've got sunny socks on to match the season, too.

Oh! Someone's taking a picture of me...better turn around for a full face shot. See my tan? Hmmm. guess it's still too early to say if I got a tan or not. 

Picture taken in April 2001

Hey you over there! Don't look away now, see the chair I'm on? That's my very own highchair that I uses at home. The whole family had to drive 30 minutes to get to downtown just to purchase this special chair that made me feel very special too.

My Daddy is so smart. At the age of 26, he's already got his MBA and two PhD completed. So, to follow in his footsteps, I've got to start early in order to keep up. So,...

Picture taken in April 2001

Let's see now...maybe I'll become a computer genius since computers are so important now. Hmmm...which magic button is it? Or maybe it's both of them at the same time...

Or maybe it's this plug over here. Maybe I should just disassemble the whole printer and study it part by part. Wonder how my Daddy would like that?

Picture taken in May 2001

What a wonderful world! Spring is here once again. See those blue flowers in the foreground? Those are Anemone, the same ones that I showed you earlier. In Spring, they come into full bloom. The entire flower pot is covered with blue and red flowers. Would you like me to give your garden a complete makeover? I love flowers, especially taking them apart. 

Picture taken in May 2001

Yippee! I'm FREE! I'm FREE! 
Green, green, grass, stain my clothes,
 Green, green, grass, stain my hands, 
Give me all your green colour stains,
Then, I'm sure cleaning me will be a real pain.

Picture taken in May 2001

I guess I've got to give Mommy some incentives for releasing me onto the grass. See how considerate I am, I'm helping Mommy sweep up the grass Grandpa just mowed. I'm just learning to walk on my own this month. I can take about 10~12 steps without any support but that only applies to familiar surroundings. In strange places I'm just a clinging koala. 

Picture taken in May 2001

Welcome to the office of the Great CEO! Yes, that's me. See my big executive chair? I don't know anything about the machines behind me (other than how to switch them off while they are in the process of printing a job) so, don't ask me about the specs, call my sales for that.

Oh, did I tell you about my Little Brother? Take a look below for his photo shot.

Picture taken in April 2001

Hey, how come he has my pacifier in his mouth? And my bib. And my sweater. And my cap...Hmmm, looks suspicious doesn't he? 

Think you have enough of all the cuteness you can handle? This is only the beginning. I've still got years and years ahead of me to make you all laugh, cry, angry, smile, and annoyed. So, stick around if you dare!

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March 25, 2004