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Now that you've met my sister and traveled to placed with me, are you ready for more cuteness?

Let's open the new year with a few close up of the cute little me!

Amaryllis Says Hi
Hello everyone! 
This is the year that I learn to talk, talk, talk - non-stop.
I'm the Talkative Bunny outside of the tube. 

Oh, did I mention that Little Red Riding Hood is also a member of my family? She's got very big eyes and is also very cute. (Of course, not as cute as ME.)

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood off to explore the world! 
Big Bad Wolf better beware...
Because this Little Red Riding Hood...

Little Red Naughty Hood
Becomes Little Red Naughty Hood in a flash! 
She will climb on chairs,
She will climb on tables,
She will climb on dressers,
She will even climb on you! 

Star shine, star bright. 
Here's a picture of the BIG star and her little devoted fan!
Yep, I've got a little pink shadow that follows me everywhere. That's the life a big star. 
Gotta spend sometime pleasing the little fan. 

It is really hard to make a living nowadays. 
We'll have to start practicing doing business early to succeed in adulthood. 
See our open food kiosk? What would you like to order? Noodles? Hot dog? Or maybe coffee and toast? 
We also take phone orders. 
Free delivery service...spillage guaranteed!

This year Vancouver experienced some wacky weather. It was still summer-like in September! During the first week of October rain started to arrive. Daddy took us to Harrison Hot Springs to see sand sculptures before they get melted away.

Hmmm..., I think this one is nice. 
Maybe it should get a prize too. 

Too bad I don't have my shovel and bucket with me; otherwise, I'll build a castle big enough to fit you and me. 

Would a door this wide be enough?

Did I mention that we have a newly hired gardener working for us? 

I certainly hope she knows what she's doing. Perhaps you'd like her to help you with your gardening too? 
She does many things, she 'weeds' and she 'sweeps'. 

She does a real 'clean sweep' of your garden. Just make sure your plants are not too expensive and too exotic to replace. 

Hooray! Halloween is here!
Not that I like the Trick or Treat part or the candies. What I like most is there's something new to do - like pumpkin carving! 

Let see now...why is this pumpkin so empty headed? 

These pumpkin seeds are for Grandma. Too bad there wasn't enough 'meat' inside the pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie...
not that I would eat it anyway. 

Look at the great job Daddy did carving these pumpkins. This one is mine. The other one is Anne-Aymone's. 

This calls for a...

Group Picture! 
Well, got to go try on my Wabbit suit so that I can go Trick or Treating at Grand-Auntie's house.

Ummm....forget Trick or Treat....I don't like candies anyway....let's have a look at my new haircut!
I've got my Princesses calendar too! Can't open it yet...but maybe I can poke a hole in the shrink wrap...
(A small tear was made on the shrink wrap...but somehow the hole grew bigger and bigger...too much tape was wasted on holding the hole together...eventually the shrink wrap had to go!)

There's come Christmas!!!

Look my great work of art! Not to worry, I didn't eat any of the piece...if any was missing it must have been Daddy!!!

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off to MoneyLand we go!

Can you guess where my Grandma and I are?
Come on Daddy I need some coins to go Ka-ching!!!

Well, very great star has gotta have her OWN group of fans....and here's a tribute to my very own FANS!!!

Thank you all for your great support and spoiling of
Lil' Ol' Me!!!

A little buttering up goes a LONG way...

Look at all the gifts I got!!!
Hmmm....which one should I open next?!?

That wraps it up for this year. Did you enjoy my pics? Did you? Did you?
 Huh? Huh? Huh?

Well, gear up! There's DEFINITELY more to come!

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March 25, 2004